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decorative yacht painting

Our passion

Our work on a superyacht is a real craft that we are proud of. We are passionate about every project and always strive for perfection. Whether it is a new build, refit or touch up work, we only leave the project when we are satisfied and proud.

Our vision

Replacing scarce materials with sustainable solutions creates a better world with limitless design. Our unique possibilities contribute to sustainable responsibility and make the impossible possible.

Wood imitation on any surface

Imagine being able to imitate wood on any surface. Whether it is steel or any other material. KANA masters this old technique and can make a wood imitation of any type of wood.

Spraying & high quality finish

Sanding, primer, color matching, spraying and high-quality finish. A selection of the many possibilities that KANA has been doing for years on superyachts. Always looking for the best quality, working within the time frame and budget.


The design of a yacht is unique. In order to remain unique, designers and architects want to go beyond the borders, without limits. KANA makes it possible to create limitless designs whit maintaining the rich high-quality luxury appearance. For new build and refit projects.


In the yachting industry more and more alternatives are used for certain types of woods that are scarce or harmful for the environment if they are harvested. At KANA we think it is only logical to be sustainable responsible. And with our unique specialties we have been realizing this for years.

Touch up

Superyacht interior touch up for damage and scratches on every surface. We have the technique and experience to repair every damage in perfect detail.


Get an impression of our work from
the many projects that we have realized.

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KANA academy


The KANA academy is a unique possibility that we offer to talented decorative painters. We want to retain the talent for a bright future in the yachting industry.

Are you that talent? Send us an email.

- Siva Kana

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